Total Access Gyms


 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed by the US Congress over two decades ago. It provides equal opportunity for persons with disabilities, at work and public places. The only area where I feel there is not enough options is at the gym. Why is it, that gyms have parking spaces and showers, but very limited choices for a disabled client? Why aren’t more gyms investing in total access gym equipment? The UK requires that all gyms have the total access equipment, why not the US? This has been going on for too long… I am writing my Congressman! I urge my fitness friends to do the same! Please share this social issue!

 I am incredibly drawn to this issue because my brother, who passed away from Lupus, was disabled. I want to share this social issue in his memory. He always said that he couldn’t imagine going to a gym because it was so difficult for him to maneuver the machines and weights.

 Every individual on the planet has a right to be fit and workout wherever they want to. The idea is to bridge the gap and have a better quality of life. It will happen.

 The equipment has seats that swivel around. They are the same cost as the regular equipment and can be used by both able bodied patrons and disabled patrons. These gyms CAN afford the equipment! I feel if they can’t they should be required to make the adjustments!