When we think about our ideal self is not necessarily an athlete physique or runway model body type. Most of us want to feel good and look good as well. When we make health our goal, naturally our minds will allow us to feel awesome about our bodies.

When I think about the times when I was the most happy as a child or even as an adult, it was when I was on vacation. Being somewhere away from home and relaxing is so important to clearing the mind and it’s a vacation for your body and spirit as well. As a child it was being on the soccer field or sleep away camp. When we are the most active eating well, socializing and getting outdoors we feel great. It’s not always about looking in the mirror and analyzing. These are my tips for feeling your best and exuding that confidence and healthy energy.

Learn to relax

I know it’s so basic to tell yourself to relax but it’s more than just sitting on your couch. Find a new place to relax. Go on vacation because you can find a new place to clear mind and have new thoughts. Relaxing is just as important as sleep. It’s important to monitor our resting heart rate. If the heart rate goes over 100 bpm it means were stressed and we need to take a break. Don’t feel like relaxing is lazy it is one of the most helpful and beneficial things that we can do for ourselves.

Take a multivitamin

When we are enjoying life and traveling or sometimes we forgot to eat the most healthful foods it is important to supplement our diet with a multivitamin. Choose a multivitamin for your age and lifestyle.there are so many different varieties to choose from there’s no excuse not to take one at least once a day. I sometimes take two a day because I want to make sure that I get the recommended values and sometimes I forget to take them.


Stretching is so important to relieve stress. Stretchy each muscle group for at least 20 seconds every day is adequate. Take some time to find a space in your home or gym to really breathe into the stretches and hold them for about five seconds. Everybody needs to do this and sometimes when we don’t have the time we get muscle tension soreness and it affects our workouts or mood. Also notice what causes muscle tension sometimes it’s the way we sleep how we stand how we sit or work out. Try to undo bad habits like crossing arms crossing legs too much and carring heavy bags.


It’s important to get some form of exercise every day that you love. Try to get your target heart rate up and get some sweat to release the toxins in your body. If you can’t get to the gym try to sit in the sauna or steam room. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after exercise. Releasing sweat will help you to maintain a healthy bodyweight look and feel your best and get you closer to your best body. I like to sleep with heavy covers and long sleeve some people think I’m crazy but it’s another opportunity to sweat. Also throwing on layers of clothing while you work out can help to promote sweat.

Get a massage

I was not really a big fan of massages until I had so many knots that I needed to have somebody work on them. Anybody starting a fitness plan will feel aches and pains at first because of tight muscles that haven’t been used. It’s really important to get a regular massage especially a sports massage when you’re starting a workout program.

Massages can also help with the lymphatic system to help the bodies fluid drain properly. Massages can also help with body alignment and poor posture. Also they help to relieve stress and prevent injury from tight muscles. I started getting regular massages because my muscles were so sore and almost tense from stress. Now that I get regular sports massages I feel so much better and feel less likely to get injured.


I’ve gone through phases where I thought that in order to meet my fitness goals I needed to cut people out of my life. I felt like I couldn’t say no or that they were trying to distract me from my goals. Looking back I could’ve socialize more and still live my life the same way. I really feel like now I know that people don’t dictate my choices about diet and exercise I do. When I try to do now is get my exercise out-of-the-way before an event. It’s not really healthy to say no all the time. When it comes to family and friends we need to put them first. We of course but our health and wellness ahead of them. It’s important not to cut people off.


It’s important to treat yourself to the foods that you love, because that is what makes you who you are. A lifestyle change doesn’t mean that we have to deprive ourselves joy in life. The quest is to create a lifestyle where we can have what we want and work hard to keep ourselves looking and feeling great. Indulging once or twice a week on our favorite foods will not make or break a great body. I love pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers french fries and cookies and ice cream. But I don’t eat all of those things in one week or one day. Feeling good and healthy lifestyle does not include these things all the time but sometimes.

Know Your Vitals

To have your best body needs to know your body. Knowing your vital signs meaning you’re resting heart rate your BMI body mass index and weight. Staying in touch with these key elements that keep us going is very good because we should pay attention to how we feel when we feel are best.

Know your target Heart Rate

Is important to calculate your resting and target heart rate. A resting heart rate should range between 80 to 100 bpm. I know that when I’m stressed I like to sit down and put a timer on an count my pulse for 15 seconds. I multiply that number by four and that’s my resting heart rate. Often times I’m rushing around I feel stressed and my heart rate is up because I’m moving quickly and having to think on my toes. I like to sit down at that moment and relax myself by letting my pulse get into a healthy resting range. When you work out you should knowyour target heart rate range and aim for that each time you work out. I like to take my resting heart rate in the morning or at night, just to check in on how I’m feeling.

Know your BMI

You can find your body mass index by calculating your height weight age and gender. The healthy range is between us a body mass index is 19 and 24. Try to find a range that you are the most happy and comfortable. This calculation method is pretty accurate for a healthy body weight. Unless you are a bodybuilder with a ton of lean muscle mass. In that case is body fat is the best method of calculation.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise uses light weight or no way at all to put the body in better alignment. When you identify which muscles are tight and which muscles need to be strengthened then better posture happens naturally. I like to use 2.5 pound plates to do corrective exercises I also like to sometimes use a stability ball, yoga block or foam roller. to get further into the stretch.

Get a Balanced Food Plan

Knowing you are macronutrients for your weight and lifestyle can change your life. If you’re very active you’ll need to eat more protein carbohydrates and fat. If you are less active you’ll need to eat less. Knowing how much to eat is The keys.


Mindfulness is a way of thinking that is helped me in the past year. The key elements are living in the present, forgiving the past, letting joy in your life and living with peace. Since I started to practice mindfulness I’ve started to incorporate it into my life, I really take the time to enjoy every second. I’m also very forgive thing to myself and my friends it’s just easier ways to be and I know I’m going to forgive them anyway so it’s the right thing to do in the long run makes everyone’s life easier. Takes time to forget but trust me you’ll be glad you observe this way of life

Body Confidence

Body confidence is feeling good no matter what. Whether you reach your goal or you are still working toward that feeling good that you’re on your way is all you need to look in the mirror and feel great. Even the most beautiful women and handsome men feel insecure. Being happy is enjoying life and knowing that the body you have is the best for you. Confidence comes from knowing that you have the knowledge and the energy to make good choices every day and feel your best.