When I was in high school and college I studied fine art took lots of drawing, painting and watercolor classes. I got into the top two art schools in the country with my portfolio. I always wondered what I would do with my art skills. Would I be able to make money from drawing pictures? If I market my art would people buy it? This is a struggle most artist face. I was forced to switch majors and get more diverse skills in communications and media studies to be more of a force in any industry I decided to enter.

My Media Degree was perfect for me. I love pop-culture and I learned to love to write. The creative desire in me never went away, but I had no time to paint or draw anymore. I fueled my creative side by having an opinion column for my school newspaper. I also wrote for a Military Newspaper and did feature articles about events and people. I snapped simple photos and loved the gratification of seeing my articles published.

Now I find myself in the fitness industry training and contributing to fitness magazines. I also moonlight as a talent doing stock photo and commercial modeling. I love it because it’s so different and so creative. It’s like an artistic medium all in itself. I get to play character create a scene and be the subject. Today many models and artists face a lot of pros and cons to technology the Internet and the new media. there’s a lot of red tape concerning licensing and photo release issues.

The real question is how are today’s artists making a living? They are having to be extremely media savvy, purchasing expensive equipment, paying strict attention to protocol and hoping that their content is recognized. As an art student I was wondering how I would afford my paint brushes and canvases. I had to choose my medium. The most media savvy, deep pockets and talented win at this game. We have to have cutting edge website, search optimize keywords, and popularity. As we say now stay in your lane. My advice to people now is, study your craft and invest in training.

Today I see a lot of magazines using almost the same photos from stock photo websites. It’s quick easy content. This eliminates the need to hire a photographer or models. Models and photographers may get paid a little if they submit stock photography sites and are successful at it. I was hired to be a talent and a stock photo shoot last year and it opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

It led me to do some research on stock photography. I’m learning there’s a lot of rules and hoops to jump through. This would turn at least 50% of models and photographers away from this booming industry. That’s ok, because it takes time and patience to get the right images, get them approved and get some traction. I believe it’s the future of modeling and photography. It’s a way for models and creative artists to make money while they sleep.

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