Obesity Information and Assistance

The Obesity Epidemic in America

 The United States has the highest rates of overweight and obesity, with fully a third of the population obese—a rate projected to rise to around 50 percent by 2030! – Harvard Public Health. It is vital that you guide friends and family to better choices. Prevention Magazine says, “weight gain in adults is stealth.” We gain about 1-2 lbs per year and those pounds are adding up! Here are some tips to get some amazing transformations in 2015!

 We need to help our friends and family fight the weight gain. Get them into the gym and find a mode that works for them. Encourage friends and family to eat low glycemic index foods and watch their portions. The rate that most people exercise will slow any weight gain, but to lose weight most individuals need to be on a managed program. I took the biggest loser certification and I use the 4-3-2-1 training style and my clients are losing 3-6 lbs per week. I stress the importance of cardio and we do light weights because they are more comfortable with that. Making other people happy makes me happy