Managing Stress

Susan E. Harmon AFAA CPT/ NETA Healthy Lifestyle Coach/ ACE Fitness and Sports Nutrition Specialist It so important to understand the stressors in our lives, and make the changes to see better health and results! Here are some tips to be less stressed. Take a Mini Vacation There are specific

Setting Smart Goals

Lets talk about setting SMART goals… I want to share a system developed by Dr. Candice Esposito from the Calm Living Blueprint, who explains how to achieve success. with this simple system for setting goals. Specific Set a concrete goal. I’ve had the goal of achieving my Pro Status for

Inspire Others

By Susan E. Harmon NETA Healthy Lifestyle Coach, B.A Media Studies and AFAA Personal Trainer My blog today is about loving the network you are in, giving your best and inspiring those around you. Personal success and the success of your business, company and brands depends on it! Stay professional

Find Your Why

By Susan Harmon NETA Healthy Lifestyle coach Life can seem like a crazy roller coaster ride sometimes, the key is to enjoy the ride. While some of us get sick or want the craziness to stop, others seem to handle the twists and turns with ease. Learn the steps that

The Power of Words to Motivate Clients

By Susan Harmon AFAA Certified Trainer/AFAA Stress Management Coach/ NETA Healthy Lifestyle Coach/ B.A Media Studies Motivating clients is the job of a personal trainer. Most of us chose the career to train because motivation comes naturally. Gone are the days of a personal trainer who yells and gets in

Be You: The Best You

By Susan E. Harmon NETA Healthy Lifestyle Coach/ ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Be yourself… but not the self that wants to lounge around in your PJ’s all day. Be your best self… but don’t be too cocky. Be confident…. but don’t be over confident because balance is important. Focus on

Transform Your Thinking

Transform Your Thinking By Susan E. Harmon NETA Healthy Lifestyle Coach AFAA Personal Trainer B.A Media Studies Its a viscous cycle… the day is not going your way and you need to air your grievances. before you go on and on about your feelings of discomfort, try these tips to